Who We Are...


Our philosophy of work life is to enjoy the way we spend our days.  We have chosen this profession because we love baking, and have made our passion our career. We also value a respectful work environment.  It is important to us that we treat our customers, our business associates, and our fellow employees in a professional manner, with kindness and caring. Our loyal employees have made our success possible. And for that, I thank you!
-Rochelle Courey

Pastry Chef & Owner
Our Mission Statement is:
To create phenomenal bread and baked goods that nourish the bodies, minds, and spirits of the communities we serve- Our families, our neighborhood, our consumers and wholesale customers, as well as our employees.
A lot goes into accomplishing our mission. 

Producing carefully handcrafted foods that taste as good as they look. We are proud of what we do, and our pride shows in the beautiful bread and sweets we make each day.  We source our quality ingredients the same way we buy groceries for our families – using only natural ingredients. We do not use artificial additives or preservatives. 
Respect the craft of traditional baking.  We are proud to produce “real” hand-crafted breads, made with slow fermentation and traditional methods, as opposed to the typical "American Style" buns, we see in the grocery stores- created by machines. There is a distinct difference between the real thing, and baked goods that are “artisan style,” but not really made by hand.  Here, we are committed to baking wholesome, hand-crafted bread.
Being a good neighbor. As good citizens of our community, we feel a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of its residents. We’ve participated in annual local school fund-raisers, cause-related charities, Law Enforcement events, The Ronald McDonald House Charity, and community events.  
Maintaining a professional and congenial workplace that encourages stability and growth for our employees. We strive to build work relationships that are based on trust and respect.  We have watched many of our employees develop personally and professionally, becoming skilled members of our “bakery family."